Make it a Stay-Cation!

Why not make your next week with the kids an affordable (and FUN) Stay-Cation! There is a lot to do on the First Coast, and with a little planning and

The Art of Giving, Even After Divorce

The holidays are a time of gift giving. Most of us have a list of friends and family and loved ones we want to present with a gift this time

It’s Halloween! Let’s Focus on the Treats!

We all know the negative outcomes associated with divorce. But the fact of the matter is, that coming out of a marriage that doesn’t work, or in worse cases, a

Extracurricular Activities: Providing Consistency and Support

Imagine the following scenario of a couple: They divorced while their 2 young sons were in elementary school. Both parents shared 50/50 time with the children and they rotated on

Back to School Time: Tips for Divorced or Separated Parents

Back to school time is hectic. Children are not used to early bed-times and mornings after a summer break. Parents need to purchase supplies and adjust to a new routine.

Increasingly, “nesting” is being used as a temporary parenting arrangement during divorce proceedings and sometimes after a divorce is finalized. Nesting is when the children remain in the marital home

In NPR’s series “Been There”, people who have gone through an experience share their wisdom with others who are currently going through something similar. In the link below, Melissa Smith,

Co-Parenting: Hard Work, But Worth It

A recent viral photograph is making its way around the internet. In it, four parents are seen attending a soccer game, each wearing a team jersey with a special monogram

As many of you have probably recently experienced, the holidays after divorce can be a very difficult time. You may feel awkward attending gatherings when it seems that everyone else

Parents often struggle when making decisions and doing what is best for their children in their regular daily lives. When parents are going through a divorce, it is even more challenging