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There are several different types of adoptions. Each type has specific procedures that must be followed correctly in order to be legal. We handle all types of adoptions. We have helped many area families work through the complex process of adoption with compassion and efficiency. We pride ourselves in doing everything necessary to ensure that the process goes smoothly for our clients, including:

  • Performing extensive background checks and careful screening of all the parties involved.
  • Explaining the different types of adoptions to our clients, including:
    • Open adoptions are adoptions where the birth mother and the adoptive family work together and communicate during the adoption process. The families will exchange background information and medical information during the adoption process.
    • Closed adoptions, which utilizes an adoption professional that handles the selection of the adoptive family and birth mother and they will handle most or all of the communication, including background information and medical history. In these cases the birth mother and the adoptive parent will have little or no contact with each other.
    • Step Parent Adoptions, which occur when a step-parent develops a strong, loving bond with a step-child and will want to adopt that child as his or her own. Adopting a step-child will grant the relationship a legal status including inheritance rights. For this type of adoption that court must be presented convincing evidence that shows that the biological parent’s rights should be terminated. Cases of abandonment, abuse, and neglect can be presented. The biological parents can also agree to terminate their rights and consent to the adoption.
    • Grandparents and close relative Adoptions, when relatives are called upon to raise and care for a child giving them a loving and stable home. Sometimes it is a temporary situation and others it requires a permanent solution. In these cases a Grandparent or relative adoption will allow the family member the right to take custody of a child to ensure their well being.
    • International adoptions that may bring legal hurdles that must be cleared both in the birth country of the child and here in Florida. We can help you find a reputable international adoption agency and help you all the way through to the name change and recognition of foreign adoption.

At Parra Harris Law we have years of experience and are ready to help you with your adoption needs. Whether you are a birth mother who wants to find a loving family for your child or seeking to adopt a child to welcome into your eagerly awaiting family, we can walk you through the complex steps to completing the process with care, compassion, and love.

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