Co-Parenting: Hard Work, But Worth It

Co-Parenting: Hard Work, But Worth It

A recent viral photograph is making its way around the internet. In it, four parents are seen attending a soccer game, each wearing a team jersey with a special monogram in the back. “Mommy” and “Daddy” are seen sitting close together. And accompanying Mom and Dad are “Step-Mom” and “Step-Dad.” The comments under this photo are mixed, with some commentators praising the parents for staying close for the sake of their child, and others bemoan the tragedy of divorce and a broken home. But the truth is, as many of the readers of this blog know, is that divorce happens. And if this is your reality, then it is best to be positive for the sake of the children involved in the divorce.

Through this lens, the picture is very hear-warming. This child has four people who want to see her succeed. She has four people who are willing to put their differences aside and focus on her. This child has the security of knowing that in an emergency, when one parent can’t come to her aide, there are others who will do their best to be there. Not every child of divorce can say that.

One co-parent expresses that this is no small task: “Let go of any past feelings you may have and make it work for the sake of the child. Stay strong. It is work every single day to keep this going.”

Divorce is sad. And incomprehensible to the children who are caught in the middle. But if you and your Ex can get through it demonstrating each day that they are more important than your arguments, that they can have confidence in each parent, and that you will both always love them, then you are doing the best thing possible. And your children will have the benefit of love and warmth from BOTH parents in their lives and a model for how to behave appropriately in tough situations.

“Always respect the people involved because how you treat the other parents is a reflection of who you are.”

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Photo Credit: Emilee Player

Paola Parra Harris