Expert Guidance for Legal Name Changes

There are many reasons to request a name change. The need for a legal name change may arise from marriage, divorce, adoption or a desire to have another name. Consulting with a lawyer at Parra Harris Law will help you navigate and understand the legal steps for a name change. Some name change documents are complex, and an attorney at Parra Harris Law can explain the full effects of the name change.

Generally, you cannot change your name for a fraudulent purpose, such as avoiding debts. Also, other peoples’ rights cannot be affected by your name change. Use of a curse word as a name is frowned upon, and when a minor is involved, the court looks to the best interest of the minor.

After your name is changed legally, you will need to change your name on all of your records including:

(a) Social Security Card
(b) Drivers License
(c) Passport
(d) Post Office
(e) IRS
(f) Voter Registration
(g) Banks
(h) Credit Cards
(i) Doctors
(j) Insurance Companies
(k) State Tax Authority
(l) Clubs
(m) Memberships
(n) Employer/ Human Resources
(o) Retirement plans

You will also need to consider changing your name on the following:

(a) Will
(b) Health Care Proxy
(c) Living Will
(d) Trust
(e) Power of Attorney
(f) Contracts

At Parra Harris Law we are committed to seeing you through the entire legal name change process.

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