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At a time when you most need a strong advocate, Parra Harris Law provides a partner who is experienced, competent and caring on your side. Based in Jacksonville and serving all of Northeast Florida, we help clients who are going through a divorce, annulment or legal separation; are concerned about child support, custody and visitation issues; or are dealing with issues such as asset division, order enforcement, abuse, and other areas of family law. We have a strong track record of success for our clients across the full gamut of family law practice areas and were named one of 2020’s “Best Divorce Lawyers in Jacksonville” by Expertise.

Our firm is led by Paola Parra Harris, who brings over two decades of divorce and family law experience to her clients. Paola and her accomplished legal team help couples and individuals resolve complex divorce issues, and strive to do so in caring, compassionate ways that make their separations and the issues surrounding them, no more difficult than they already are. However, you can rest assured that that our firm will always put the best interests of you and your children above all else, and will fight to protect your rights and ensure you an optimal outcome.

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Mission & Values

We exist to help our clients successfully navigate the sensitive and complex legal issues involved in all areas of divorce and family law, providing expert legal guidance, strong advocacy and compassion while representing their best interests.



With over 50 years of cumulative experience in the legal field in Jacksonville, we understand that what is at stake is the most important issue in the world of our clients, which is why every member of our team pitches in to work on your case. We have the skill and resources to handle all aspects of your litigation.

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We are advocates for the welfare of the families we serve. We are committed to giving our clients the attention and dedication they need to succeed through these uncertain times in their lives. Our experience will help guide and support you and your family through the legal process and beyond.

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Our attorneys are committed to providing the citizens of Jacksonville and surrounding areas with superior legal representation. Our record of successful results and our clients’ testimonials offer proof of our history of providing excellent representation and legal services to our clients.

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