Prepare for Next Year’s Holidays…Now!

Prepare for Next Year’s Holidays…Now!

As many of you have probably recently experienced, the holidays after divorce can be a very difficult

time. You may feel awkward attending gatherings when it seems that everyone else is married. You may

not want to go to a regular holiday activity because you do not have access to your kids when it is

scheduled to occur. In his Sun-Sentinel opinion piece, Mark Roseman recommends building community:

plan a thanksgiving dinner with friends, join a singles group at your local church or synagogue, and make

the most of the time you do have your children by coordinating get together’s with their family

members during the times you do have them. Of course, when you need to follow a court order, these

plans can not be made on a last minute basis. As soon as your time sharing dates are available for the

upcoming year, begin your planning. Planning ahead will allow you time to think about how you want to

fill those days when you cannot be with the children in a way that is fulfilling and enjoyable to you, and

it can also save you money with early reservations and airfare!

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Paola Parra Harris