Advice from Someone who has Been There

Advice from Someone who has Been There

In NPR’s series “Been There”, people who have gone through an experience share their wisdom with others who are currently going through something similar. In the link below, Melissa Smith, who went through a divorce a year earlier offers some advice to Sarah Weeldreyer, currently facing a divorce. Both women and their partners had the goal of settling the divorce amicably, but talk about the roadblocks they had to overcome in order to make that possible: specifically, money and timesharing.

The subjects of the story remind divorcing couples to keep their “eyes on the prize”. Resolving this amicably means that you have someone to call when you have an emergency in the future, and it means that your children’s lives, which are about to change dramatically, will still have consistency in that their caregivers still communicate with one another. Says Melissa Smith:

“So we just went through all the things that are gonna stay the same. “But… your mommy and daddy are gonna live in different houses.”

Listen to the story or see a transcript at NPR’s website.

Paola Parra Harris