What You Should Do When a Parenting Plan Isn’t Followed

Married couples get divorced for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons are too much conflict or a lack of commitment. If there are children involved in the relationship,

Our Guide to Relative or Grandparent Adoption in Florida

Pursuing relative or kinship adoption in Florida means that a grandparent, uncle, aunt, or sibling will do the adopting. Florida legislation has paved the way to facilitate adoptions by relatives,

Understanding Child Support: What To Know

Divorce happens for numerous reasons, but more often than not, best for both parties. Unfortunately, divorce can also be difficult for the custodial parent as they’ll essentially be tasked with

Understanding Legal Stepparent Adoption in Florida

Step-adoption in accordance with Florida law gives a person who married into an existing family full and equal parental rights and responsibilities over his or her stepchild. This adoption is

Navigating Your Divorce Deposition in Florida

When in the middle of a divorce, you want to head into your deposition with as much information as possible. Naturally, the courts will want a share of that information,

Injunctions for Protection: What You Need to Know

You’ve probably heard of restraining orders at some point, whether it’s through someone you know who was harassed by someone or you’ve seen it in the movies. In Florida, it’s

How To Create A Successful Holiday Custody Schedule

The holiday season produces the most treasured childhood memories—nothing quite compares to the joy of waking up to Christmas morning or the smell of hot chocolate topped with colorful marshmallows.

Four Signs That Divorce Is Coming in the Midst of a Pandemic

Marriage in and of itself is challenging enough when things are going well.  When adding a global pandemic with uncertain futures for some, a lot of issues that were often

Meeting Your Child’s Needs After Divorce

Divorce can be scary, and it can be even more so when there are children involved. During a divorce, it is important to take steps to ensure that you will

Paola Parra Harris Has 100% of Attorney Fees Covered for Mother of Three

A woman recently contacted our firm looking for assistance with attorney fees. She was a wife in a long term marriage where the husband provided sole financial support for the

How Time-Sharing Works in Florida

Divorce can be complicated, especially if there are children involved. There are many actions that can be taken for the welfare of your child(ren), and the court makes these decisions

Paola Parra Harris is Selected as Member of Leadership Florida’s Cornerstone Class for the 2020-2021 Program Year

Congratulations to Paola Parra Harris for being selected as a member of Leadership Florida’s Cornerstone Class for the 2020-2021 program year!  Members of Leadership Florida represent the highest levels of

Divorce During a Pandemic

The current world pandemic has put stress on all of us. The world was put into lockdown and has kept many of us from living our daily lives “normally.” As

Case Study | Mercedes Blasón-Aguilar of Parra Harris Law Helps Mother Obtain Order of Protection against Domestic Violence

A husband and wife were going through with their divorce, but continued to reside in the same home with their children. The wife contacted Parra Harris Law to assist with

Case Study | Paola Parra Harris of Parra Harris Law Was Granted Motion for Contempt for Violating Shared Parental Responsibilities and Time Sharing

Paola Parra Harris of Parra Harris Law recently represented a mother with a young child. As the parents were never married, a parenting plan was created with specific time sharing

Parra Harris Law Named On Top 18 “2020 Best Divorce Lawyers in Jacksonville”

We are proud to announce that Parra Harris Law was recently awarded as one of the “2020 Best Divorce Lawyers in Jacksonville” by Expertise!  Expertise’s proprietary research and selection process

How Does a Military Divorce Work?

While divorce is never easy, military divorces can often be far more difficult for a variety of reasons. For example, with military divorces, there are some additional rules and requirements

Signs That It May Be Time for a Divorce

No two people are the same, so it is inevitable that disagreements and fights will occur in any marriage, including a solid, healthy one. In a healthy relationship, spouses learn

Mercedes Blasón-Aguilar of Parra Harris Law Reveals Wife’s False Allegations and Has Petition for Protection Against Domestic Violence Injunction Dismissed

After being together almost eight years, a couple got into a verbal disagreement which ended in both parties contacting law enforcement. The wife made false statements to law enforcement and

Case Study | Parra Harris Law Achieves Majority Timesharing for a Loving Mother and Her Child

Prior to representation from Paola Parra Harris of Parra Harris Law, a mother with a young child had agreed to a 50-50 timeshare arrangement with her child’s father. The mother

How to Survive Financially After A Divorce

Divorces don’t just affect people emotionally, but financially too. From child support to alimony, it can be hard to pick yourself up again after a divorce.  Following a divorce, you

For Abused Women, a Pandemic Lockdown Holds Dangers of Its Own

During the COVID19 pandemic, orders to stay home, working from home, and school closures place victims of domestic violence stuck at home with their abusers at greater risk.  Read More:

How to Create a Parenting Plan 

If you’re going through a divorce where custody of children will be determined by the court, you and your spouse need to create and submit a parenting plan.  A parenting

Case Study | Parra Harris Law Prevents a Bifurcation to Protect a Mother and her Three Children’s Best Interests

After 20+ years of marriage, a military husband stationed overseas moves his wife and three children to Jacksonville. Shortly thereafter the husband filed for divorce. In most cases, service members

Reasons to Hire a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys handle family-related issues, represent clients in a divorce, as well as the issues related to divorce including alimony, child custody, and child support. Divorces are not only

Case Study | Parra Harris Law Helps a Loving Mother Maintain Custody of Child

A mother came to Parra Harris Law seeking help in resolving an issue she was having with her daughter’s father. The father of her child was seeking an injunction (restraining

Case Study | Parra Harris Law Declares Paternity and Gains Substantial Timesharing for an Unmarried Father

Soon after discovering the mother was pregnant, an unmarried couple separated. Following separation, the mother refused to have any contact with the unborn baby’s father. Since he was blocked from

Should You Consider a Do-It-Yourself Divorce?

The divorce process can be complicated and there are many mistakes that you can make if you try a do-it-yourself method. Even if you are amicable with your spouse, you

Child Custody Tips During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a tough time for divorced or separated couples with children. Both parents want to spend time with their kids, and it can be hard splitting

Case Study | Parra Harris Law Beats the Odds and wins a Paternity and School Designation Case for an Unmarried Father

Background: An unmarried mother and father of two recently broke up and were struggling with resolving issues related to timesharing and school designation. In Florida, the law states that all

How to Deal with False Allegations in a Family Law Case

Going through a divorce is a difficult process, especially if your spouse and/or co-parent makes false accusations against you. Unfortunately, his or her words could be used against you in

Paola Parra Harris leads the publication of “La Guia”

Paola Parra Harris, as Chair of the Mayor’s Hispanic American Advisory Board, leads the publication of “La Guia”, a bilingual (English/Spanish) directory of resources for Hispanic Community in Northeast Florida.

Paola Parra Harris appointed to Jacksonville Port Task Force

Paola Parra Harris appointed to Jacksonville Port Task Force by Mayor Alvin Brown. Read the full article online: Jax Daily Record

Parra Harris Law Firm to Offer Free Clinics

Parra Harris Law Firm to Offer Free Clinics. Click here to see the full article online on the Jax Daily Record website.

Local student wins Hispanic Heritage Contest

Local student wins Hispanic Heritage Contest by writing about Paola Parra Harris as her inspiration and local Hispanic hero. See the full article online on the Florida Times Union Jacksonville.com

San Marco Merchants Association and San Marco Preservation society joint event at Parra Harris Home

San Marco Merchants Association and San Marco Preservation society joint event at Parra Harris Home – The Resident Community News

Annual Black & White Ball celebrates Silver Anniversary

Paola Parra Harris, Chairman of the Board and Event Chair of Catholic Charities Annual Black & White Ball celebrates Silver Anniversary – See more online on The Resident Community News

JWLA Names Paola Parra Harris Woman Lawyer of the Year

JWLA Names Paola Parra Harris Woman Lawyer of the Year – Click here to read the full article online on the Jacksonville Daily Record’s website.

Paola Parra Harris named 2019 Ultimate Attorney

Paola Parra Harris named 2019 Ultimate Attorney by Jacksonville Business Journal on March 7, 2019. Click here to see more online the Jacksonville Business Journal Website.

Paola Parra Harris participates in a panel of Women Attorneys

Paola Parra Harris participated in a panel of Women Attorneys at the Jacksonville Women Lawyers Association (JWLA) March Luncheon titled: History of Women Lawyers in Jacksonville: A look into the

Girl Scout Woman of Distinction

Paola Parra Harris named a Girl Scout Woman of Distinction at the 30th Annual Women of Distinction Celebration on April 30, 2019. See the full article online.

Spotted: 2019 Fiesta At The Beach – Fundraiser for the Sulzbacher Center

Sulzbacher Board Member Paola Parra Harris served as event chair at the annual Fiesta at the Beach, at the Casa Marina Hotel on May 16, 2019. Read the full article

Re-framing Your Perspective During Moments When You Are Hurt

I typically meet new clients at a point in their lives of great pain. They are often coming out of prolonged heartache. Sometimes they are seeing me after great effort

Notes From a Single Parent

  It’s not easy to be a single parent. And it isn’t exactly what you had planned when you imagined being a parent a long time ago. But you are

Starting Over: New Careers, New Pursuits Later In Life

In my line of work, I encounter people who are in transition. Divorce often means change not only in marital status, but in friendships, parenting, and work and careers. I

Memorial Day 2019

Parra Harris Law remembers the sacrifice of all of our fallen heroes and their families. From our family to yours, have a safe day of peace and reflection.

Alimony Reform Debate Heats Up in Florida

In even the least contentious cases of divorce, the topic of alimony can cause cooperation to cease and tempers to flair. Alimony debates can derail meditations and send a divorcing

Family Time: A Hike Close to Home

As the weather becomes more and more spring-like, it is once again time to enjoy the outdoors. Spending a day outdoors is an inexpensive way to spend quality family time.

Divorce: Getting the Documents in Order

Because divorce is an emotional time, the practical parts of it- the gathering of documents and documentation of events- often falls by the wayside. But there are several things you

Paola Parra Harris Honored as a Woman of Distinction

Congratulations to Parra Harris Law founder Paola Parra Harris for being honored by the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council as a Woman of Distinction. This award is given to outstanding