A Proclamation Declaring April as Parental Alienation Awareness Month

Fathers’ Rights activist and Florida resident David Henry is on a mission to educate others about Parental Alienation. He experienced it growing up in Italy. His military father did not

Focus on Domestic Violence: “Love Bombing”- It’s Hard to Spot

Domestic violence can take many forms. But the subtle beginnings of a violent cycle are sometimes difficult to spot until the domestic violence becomes more pronounced. One form of conditioning,

The Lighter Side of Divorce: Canadian Couple Reaches Settlement Over Custody of Season Hockey Tickets Canadians love hockey. The national sport is taken very seriously. Nothing illustrates this as well

Graduation is an important time in your child’s life. It is also a time of many school events and many family get togethers. This can add stress to a family

Co-Parenting: Hard Work, But Worth It

A recent viral photograph is making its way around the internet. In it, four parents are seen attending a soccer game, each wearing a team jersey with a special monogram

Florida may be considering alimony reform again soon. According to Jeffrey Weismann of the Daily Business review, this is because similar divorce cases in Florida, with parties of similar means,

Parents often struggle when making decisions and doing what is best for their children in their regular daily lives. When parents are going through a divorce, it is even more challenging

5 Tips for Divorcing a High-Conflict Personality A high conflict personality can be challenging to deal with under the best of circumstances. Divorcing someone with a high conflict personality means