How to Survive Financially After A Divorce

Divorces don’t just affect people emotionally, but financially too. From child support to alimony, it can be hard to pick yourself up again after a divorce.  Following a divorce, you

Yours, Mine, and Ours: How Millennial Couples are Managing Finances

More than half of married millennials are choosing to manage their finances separately. Couples may choose to do this for a variety of reasons and may implement separate finances in

Financial Planning for Second Marriages

Many couples today report that finances, or spending, are a factor contributing to their separation and divorce. Indeed, finances are considered personal when one is single, and many couples report

Finding a Job After Divorce

Divorce brings with it many changes. But one change that is often faced by stay at home mom’s (and increasingly stay at home dads), is finding a job after divorce

Women, Finances, and Divorce

During divorce proceedings, people tend to think about the emotional toll it is taking on them. It isn’t until much later (sometimes months or years later) that the long term

There are often factors that individuals seeking a divorce fail to take notice of prior to initiating proceedings. These factors are things such as taking stock of family assets and