Approaching Your Divorce Settlement as a Business Deal

Approaching Your Divorce Settlement as a Business Deal

There are often factors that individuals seeking a divorce fail to take notice of prior to initiating

proceedings. These factors are things such as taking stock of family assets and debts, noticing how much

is spent in day to day life, and understanding what resources will be necessary to start up a life

independent of the other party. Attempting to get a handle on these issues, as well as gaining access to

documentation may become more challenging after a separation occurs and divorce proceedings are

initiated. Also, since divorce is a highly charged emotional time, those who are considering divorce but

not quite in that emotional place may want to begin thinking about these issues so that decisions are

not made in haste when the time comes to make a move. The Wall Street Journal reported on 6 Issues

that are often overlooked, stating that while it may not be the approach one wants to take, “Couples are

better off approaching divorce as an opportunity to strike a favorable business deal rather than a chance

to settle scores.” The article not only lists things to consider, but tells the anecdotes of professionals

who have guided couples through these tough times.

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Paola Parra Harris