Child Custody Tips During the Holiday Season

Child Custody Tips During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a tough time for divorced or separated couples with children. Both parents want to spend time with their kids, and it can be hard splitting up the holidays. The holidays can make timesharing even more difficult for a divorced couple.

At Parra Harris Law, we are experienced in child custody, known as timesharing in the state of Florida, and understand the emotional pain you are experiencing, especially during the holiday season. For this article, we wanted to share some tips for dealing with child custody issues to help you make it through this and future holiday seasons.

  • Clearly and concisely communicate to the other parent what days or times are most important to you. Try and trade with the child’s other parent about the day(s) that are most important to you versus the day(s) that are most important to him/her. You may want to split custody between Christmas Eve and Christmas day, as each day may be equally important to both parties. You also can give up the right to a certain day or holiday that isn’t as important to you. For example, you could agree to give your ex-spouse custodial rights for all of Christmas break and in exchange, you get the children during spring break or a large part of the summer.
  • Share as much time as you can with your children, along with your ex-spouse – this may take place at a holiday recital, event, or concert. During events like these, you can both be there for your children and not have to split time. Your child will appreciate you putting aside your differences and being there for them during a significant event in their life.
  • Never leave the other parent in the dark. Always communicate your plans, especially if they potentially interfere with the other parent’s custody time. Let your ex-spouse know if you plan to travel with your child or children. This way they will know what to expect in the case traffic or flight delays occur.
  • Think of what is in the child’s best interest. If an extra hour or day with one parent will benefit the child, it may be best to allow them the extra time and not deprive them of this time with your ex-spouse just so you “win.” Try to think of what is in the child’s best interests, especially during the holiday season.
  • If you’re having issues with the other parent of the child, refer to the custody order. A well-prepared custody order will state who has custody on a specific holiday and when custody exchanges should occur. In most cases, holiday custody schedules alternate who has each holiday in odd years and even years.

As you can see, divorces that involve children tend to be much more complicated. If you have joint custody, it’s important to figure out how and when each parent will spend time with the children. Every family’s situation is different, so you should consult with an experienced Jacksonville Family Law Attorney about specifics and putting together a child custody plan that includes holidays.

Looking for a Family Law Attorney in Jacksonville?

Do you need help creating a child custody plan? Is the other parent being uncooperative or not putting the needs of the children first? You may need the assistance of a Family Law Attorney.

If you need to create a child custody plan, our Family Law Attorneys at Parra Harris Law would be happy to work with you. We have been practicing family law for more than 20 years, so we understand the sensitive and complex issues family law cases can present. It is important to realize that there is no set method to determine custody. Due to this, it is critical that you have an attorney that is familiar and experienced with custody cases working on your behalf.

Whether resolving your family law matter amicably through negotiation or by litigation, we are prepared to fight as an advocate on your behalf to make sure that your best interests are represented.

Let our team of legal professionals at Parra Harris Law help you get started with your family law case in Jacksonville. Divorce and child custody issues can be emotional and volatile events and you need a competent, qualified and experienced divorce attorney working for you. The Parra Harris Law attorneys will guide you through this difficult and emotional process.

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