7 Common Questions About Child Custody in Florida

Child custody (or “Time Sharing” as it is legally called in Florida), is a sensitive and emotional topic for parents going through a divorce in Florida. It can be difficult

What “Best Interest of the Child” Really Means in Florida

The “best interest of a child” is a guiding principle used for most custody decisions, regardless of geographic location. This standard exists as a means of protecting the physical and

What Happens if I Keep My Children Past My Approved Visitation Time

In our last article, we talked about holiday travel and time-sharing issues associated with Covid-19, and the best ways to go about navigating those tricky obstacles during these challenging times.


The fall and winter holidays are a magical time of year for many. After all, these are the times of year when we travel to get together with family and

Understanding Time-Sharing and Florida’s Child Custody Laws

Child custody, technically called “time-sharing” in the state of Florida, is one of the most emotional, and often, contentious issues that can arise for parents and children when couples divorce

Understanding Legal Stepparent Adoption in Florida

Step-adoption in accordance with Florida law gives a person who married into an existing family full and equal parental rights and responsibilities over his or her stepchild. This adoption is

Reasons to Hire a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys handle family-related issues, represent clients in a divorce, as well as the issues related to divorce including alimony, child custody, and child support. Divorces are not only

Child Custody Tips During the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a tough time for divorced or separated couples with children. Both parents want to spend time with their kids, and it can be hard splitting