National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

This October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a great opportunity to highlight the ways Parra Harris Family Law can help. If you are looking to file a domestic violence injunction (restraining order) for domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence, stalking (including cyber stalking), or repeat violence, or you feel you are under duress or coercion, we are here to help you. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 37.9% of Florida women and 29.3% of Florida men experience domestic violence by a family member or partner during their lifetime. We are working to bring that number significantly lower.


It’s important to remember that domestic violence can look like many things, including:


  • Physical Abuse: hitting, pushing, hair pulling, beating, punching
  • Emotional Abuse: stalking, cyber stalking, inducing fear, threatening, harassing
  • Sexual Abuse: physical assault, rape, forced or unwanted sexual advance, acts, or comments
  • Child Abuse: sexual child abuse, alienation, emotional child abuse, physical child abuse, child endangerment


If you or someone close to you is experiencing any of the above forms of abuse, please call 911.


There are a number of events happening around Florida this month in order to bring awareness to domestic violence victims. On October 11th, 2023, TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville will be hosting Hubbard House’s 29th Annual Barbara Ann Campbell Memorial Breakfast – a domestic violence awareness event consisting of inspiring survivor stories and remembrances of lives lost. Harley-Davidson Florida will also be hosting their First Annual Bikers C.A.R.E. event which will allow participants to join the ride to raise funds for domestic violence shelters in the area. The non-bikers can enjoy food and music while also having the opportunity to donate to a great cause.


In addition to the events happening above, Florida’s Attorney General recently launched a program to provide free doorbell cameras to domestic violence survivors. We are proud to live in a state like Florida that is working to bring the statistics down, raise awareness, and help victims of domestic violence.


The caring and compassionate Florida family law attorneys at Parra Harris have years of experience helping in all areas of domestic abuse and family law, including assisting with post-judgment and enforcement. Contact us at (904) 900-1617 or [email protected] to schedule a consultation. If you are ever in imminent danger of domestic violence, do not hesitate – immediately call 911.

Paola Parra Harris