Trying to Strike the Work/Parenting Balance

Trying to Strike the Work/Parenting Balance

It’s summertime and children everywhere are on summer vacation. And parents who struggle with the work/parenting balance during the regular school year now may be feeling like they are drowning with increased work and parenting demands.

In the Harvard Business Review article titled: Balancing Parenting and Work Stress- A Guide, Daisy Wademan Dowling recommends doing 10 things in order to feel like you are in control and ready to take on all the challenges that being a working parent throws at you.

The advice will sound familiar to Managers and Leaders in the business world: Set a vision and a mission, set goals, review and reflect on a regular basis. However, adapting and applying these concepts to home life can help you keep you one step ahead of all the summer activities.

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Paola Parra Harris