The Mystery of Marriage

The Mystery of Marriage

mystery of marriage featured imageOn the night after they got married, Kerry Egan found out her husband and the men in the bridal party were arrested for their conduct at the bachelor party. Initially, she thought that meant that her marriage was built on a lie.

Reflecting on wisdom gained from her career as a chaplain and a hospice worker, she explains how marriage, just like faith and love, is a mystery, and that we never will truly know everything about our spouses.

And that, she concludes, is a good thing.

Why, then, would any of us leap into marriage, knowing that the future is unknowable, knowing our spouse is a mystery we can never fully understand? I suppose it’s faith. Belief that there is something deeply good in the mysterious heart of the infinitely knowable other. And hope that this goodness will be enough to face the future together. Sometimes that works out; sometimes it does not.

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Paola Parra Harris