Starting Over: New Careers, New Pursuits Later In Life

Starting Over: New Careers, New Pursuits Later In Life

In my line of work, I encounter people who are in transition. Divorce often means change not only in marital status, but in friendships, parenting, and work and careers. I encounter stay at home parents who now must enter the work force after many years. And individuals with one job finding a need to go back to school or training to begin something new, out of a need to increase income in light of divorce and separation. This kind of change can seem daunting, and it is not helped by our society that glorifies success in youth. And it can be intimidating for someone in their 30s and 40s and 50s to go back to school or job training and feel like the oldest in the classroom.

In the Wall Street Journal Essay, “It’s Never Too Late to Start a Brilliant Career,” author Rich Karlgaard highlights the stellar careers started by individuals later in life. He also breaks down the science of multiple mental peaks during a lifetime and brain chemistry of “late-bloomers.”

He states:

“…precocious achievement is the exception, not the norm. The fact is, we mature and develop at different rates. All of us will have multiple cognitive peaks throughout our lives, and the talents and passions that we have to offer can emerge across a range of personal circumstances, not just in formal educational settings focused on a few narrow criteria of achievement. Late bloomers are everywhere once you know to look for them.”

The takeaway is that we never know where life is going to take us. And that if you find yourself in the position of having to start over in love or in career, there is a lot of evidence (and personal anecdotes) to point to how very possible a new and better start can be.

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