Case Study | Parra Harris Law Achieves Majority Timesharing for a Loving Mother and Her Child

Case Study | Parra Harris Law Achieves Majority Timesharing for a Loving Mother and Her Child

Prior to representation from Paola Parra Harris of Parra Harris Law, a mother with a young child had agreed to a 50-50 timeshare arrangement with her child’s father. The mother did not have an attorney and was afraid to go to court. At the time of this agreement, the child was not yet school age and it was determined that neither parent would pay or receive child support based on this timesharing. A few years went by and the child’s father did not regularly exercise the 50-50 agreement for a variety of reasons. In fact, the mother later learned that the father had moved away for a period of time but still pretended to have his timesharing by having his mother pick up and drop off their child to avoid having to pay child support. 

Once the child was in school, the mother tried to reach an agreement with the father for the child to be with the mother during the school week, allowing for a more traditional and stable timesharing schedule, but the father refused. Shortly thereafter, the father began demanding his timesharing schedule that was on paper once the mother filed to modify their parenting plan. Unfortunately, this caused a negative impact on the child and their schooling due to the father’s work schedule and the far distance from the child’s school to his home. 


After a day-long trial, Paola Parra Harris of Parra Harris Law proved there was a substantial change in circumstances since the time they had agreed to the parenting plan, therefore it was no longer in the child’s best interests to have the equal timesharing schedule. Due to this, the Court awarded our client, the mother, the majority of timesharing, alternating weekend visitation to the father and even awarded the mother child support, including retroactive child support.

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