The Lighter Side of Divorce: The New Trend in Social Media- “Divorce Selfies”

The Lighter Side of Divorce: The New Trend in Social Media- “Divorce Selfies”

For those of you active in social media, you may have been noticing a surprising amount of “Divorce Selfies” popping up on your newsfeeds these days. In these sometimes impromptu and sometimes very planned photos, recently divorced couples pose outside of the courthouse with their paperwork, certificates, and sometime carefully chosen props. In one recent divorce selfie, the couple poses as they would following an engagement- except the ring finger is without a band. Nearly all of the couples are sporting a smile and one photo boasts in the caption, “Happier than on our wedding day!”

While opinions on social media and its use to share personal details of our lives vary, many see the advent of the “Divorce Selfie,” as a sign that society is loosing its moral compas. But, as the author of the article linked below demonstrates, if you can get through this traumatic experience and still sport a smile, all the best to you! In fact, divorced couples with children may be teaching their children the valuable lesson that even though they are no longer married, they can still cooperate with each other, stand next to each other in a photo, and laugh together- something that will make future milestones like graduations and weddings with divorced parents easier to manage.

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