How to Create a Parenting Plan 

How to Create a Parenting Plan 

If you’re going through a divorce where custody of children will be determined by the court, you and your spouse need to create and submit a parenting plan. 

A parenting plan is a court order that shows how both parents will share the responsibilities of caring for the children and sharing time with the children post-divorce. 

What does the parenting plan include? 

A parenting plan will detail where the children will primarily live, how often they will stay with said parent, how decisions will be made concerning the child, how future parenting disputes will be handled, and anything else that will show how the two people plan to co-parent the child(ren). 

The parenting plan dictates exactly where the children will be and when and who is responsible for who and what so there should be little to no fighting.

It is in a parent’s best interest to create a plan that specifically reflects your needs and circumstances, instead of using a standardized parenting plan. While creating a parenting plan can be stressful and emotional, an experienced family law attorney can help you navigate the process.

In the state of Florida, if you and your spouse cannot agree on a parenting plan or if the court does not approve of your plan, the court will establish a plan for you. In the parenting plan, the best interests of the child(ren) is the primary consideration, as well as any circumstances between the parents including domestic violence and other historic information of the relationship. 

Some things you should be including in the parenting plan is: 

  • Which parent has the final decision-making power over the child
  • Who has primary physical custody
  • Time schedules
  • Where children will spend holidays and vacations
  • Transportation arrangements
  • How both parents will communicate with each other
  • How both parents will overcome disagreements with decision-making
  • How both parents will contact the children
  • How both parents will modify the plan, if necessary

The parenting plan can also include any details and provisions both parents believe is necessary to their unique situation. Parents should take into consideration their child(ren)’s goals, school calendars, social engagements, parents’ work and activity schedules, as well as medical needs when creating the parenting plan. 

Regardless of what the parents want in a parenting plan, the plan must allow for the child(ren) to keep close parent/child relationships. As the child’s needs change, both parents must make an effort to address these needs without trying to return to court to modify the plan. Both parents will have access to the child(ren)’s information. 

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