Giving Presence During the Holidays

Giving Presence During the Holidays

celebrating holidays together imageThe holidays can be stressful- as there are so many events to attend, so much shopping to do, and so many people we want to see. But a recent NPR article focuses on the little things that bring us joy during the holidays and throughout the year: Spending time with others, not online, but actually spending time with others.

A recent study demonstrated that small acts of love and kindness resonate more with our loved ones than a grand gesture, like getting the perfect holiday gift. Participants rated things like a good conversation, a walk with a friend, a change meeting in public, as more satisfying than many other ways we interact today. “Connecting with others was also rated more highly than getting positive feedback on the internet, indicating that people derive the most support from personal human contact.”

But some may see making room for personal contact as another thing to add to an already busy holiday “to-do” list. But researchers insist that this is part of self care and will lead to a more memorable and peaceful holiday. “While prioritizing one’s self-care during the months of November and December may be difficult, adopting a mindset of being present in the moment may help lessen the stress of the season” (Fraga, 2017).

So this holiday season, try balancing party planning and online shopping with moments of actual face to face human connection. Having that long telephone call, the walk in the cold with your child, or the late night get together with your dearest friends, are ways to express love and care and can keep us emotionally grounded.

Remember: Family Matters.

From all of us at Parra Harris Law, have a warm and Happy Holiday.

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