Having the First Thanksgiving After Divorce

Having the First Thanksgiving After Divorce

It can be hard to be thankful immediately after a marriage is dissolved. Parents and children are often still feeling a very raw pain.

And since the holiday occurs only on one Thursday, it is hard to split the holiday between both parents, and inevitably one parent remains with the children at Thanksgiving dinner, and one parent remains without.

But there are positive aspects associated with the first Thanksgiving after divorce. This may be the first Thanksgiving without arguing or other family drama. And it may be a perfect opportunity to establish new traditions: perhaps you can travel this thanksgiving, or spend it with special family and friends, perhaps you can try non-traditional dishes at your feast, or begin a tradition of playing a game before dinner….whatever it is, it is up to you this Thanksgiving. This may be the first time you are able to make these decisions.

In the blog post “3 Ways for Parents to Cope with the First Thanksgiving After Divorce,” three simple tips are shared, in the hopes of helping parents cope during this time of year. To view the article, go to: http://www.michigandivorcehelp.com/3-ways-for-parents-to-cope-with-the-first-thanksgiving-after-divorce

Paola Parra Harris