Giving Presence During the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful- as there are so many events to attend, so much shopping to do, and so many people we want to see. But a recent NPR

The Art of Giving, Even After Divorce

The holidays are a time of gift giving. Most of us have a list of friends and family and loved ones we want to present with a gift this time

Having the First Thanksgiving After Divorce

It can be hard to be thankful immediately after a marriage is dissolved. Parents and children are often still feeling a very raw pain. And since the holiday occurs only

Preparing for Peaceful Holidays this November

In a poignant essay about her thoughts on splitting time with her mother and father, Elizabeth Perez describes the anxiety she feels as an adult trying to make Thanksgiving plans.

Family Fun on the First Coast

Let’s face it, times are tough for divorcing parents. And money can be very tight during this tough time. The good news is that there are still many inexpensive activities

Actividades extracurriculares: proporcionar consistencia y apoyo

Imagine el siguiente escenario de una pareja: se divorciaron mientras sus 2 hijos pequeños estaban en la escuela primaria. Ambos padres compartieron 50/50 tiempo con los niños y rotaron en

Ideas para padres divorciados y coherencia escolar

Al comenzar el año escolar, es importante compartir ideas sobre cómo lograr consistencia en las rutinas de tareas y la preparación escolar. Padres divorciados o separados y multipropiedad

Regreso a clases: consejos para padres divorciados o separados

El tiempo de regreso a clases es agitado. Los niños no están acostumbrados a acostarse temprano ni a las mañanas después de las vacaciones de verano. Los padres deben comprar suministros y adaptarse a una nueva rutina.

Increasingly, “nesting” is being used as a temporary parenting arrangement during divorce proceedings and sometimes after a divorce is finalized. Nesting is when the children remain in the marital home

In NPR’s series “Been There”, people who have gone through an experience share their wisdom with others who are currently going through something similar. In the link below, Melissa Smith,