Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Each divorce is unique and can fall anywhere on a spectrum from mutual agreement on all issues to high

conflict on all issues. Most fall somewhere in the middle. In many cases, a couple that is divorcing may

realize that they agree on some issues, and need to come to a compromise on a few others. In these

cases, a collaborative divorce may be pursued. A collaborative divorce is one in which the goal is not to

“win,” but to come to an agreement and compromise on some issues. In a collaborative divorce, the

parties agree to proceed without litigation and court days. Attorneys involved in the collaborative

divorce also agree to this, and meetings occur with both parties and their attorneys present to come to

agreement that is agreeable to all involved. A collaborative divorce is less expensive and can have a

positive long-term effect on the parties and their families. Each side should meet with their attorney

prior to the meetings in order to establish needs and goals. It is hoped that the needs can be met, but

not every goal may be achieved.

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