Case Study | Parra Harris Law Declares Paternity and Gains Substantial Timesharing for an Unmarried Father

Case Study | Parra Harris Law Declares Paternity and Gains Substantial Timesharing for an Unmarried Father

Soon after discovering the mother was pregnant, an unmarried couple separated. Following separation, the mother refused to have any contact with the unborn baby’s father. Since he was blocked from communication, the father did not know any important information about his child, such as his or her name, date of birth, or which hospital the child would be born. The father was desperate to get to know his child, as well as have timesharing to build a father-child bond.           

In the state of Florida, the law states an unmarried mother has parental rights to their children at birth, unless an agreement is reached by both parties or a court determines that the father is the biological/legal father and grants timesharing rights. 


After consulting with Mercedes of Parra Harris Law, the father was advised he should file a Petition for Paternity and a Motion for temporary timesharing. At the Petition for temporary timesharing hearing, the mother alleged that the father was not the biological father of the baby and refused to allow the father any timesharing with their 4-month-old child. Due to this, the court entered an expedited order directing the mother, father, and child to submit to a paternity test. 

After the scientific testing determined that the father was the biological father, Attorney Mercedes immediately requested an expedited hearing. At the subsequent hearing, over the mother’s many objections, the father was granted substantial timesharing. In addition, the parents must now maintain frequent communication on information regarding the child using a parenting smart-phone application.  Thanks to Parra Harris Law, this father was able to obtain timesharing with his child and began building a loving bond — an outcome that will benefit not only the father, but his young child as well.

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