Alimony Reform Debate Heats Up in Florida

Alimony Reform Debate Heats Up in Florida

In even the least contentious cases of divorce, the topic of alimony can cause cooperation to cease and tempers to flair. Alimony debates can derail meditations and send a divorcing couple into new realms of acrimony. Arguments about alimony are resolved in hearings that can continue for months or even years.

Currently, Alimony is set based on one spouse’s need and the other spouse’s ability to pay. While the spouse who has to pay alimony faces the hardship of supporting their former spouse while changes occur in the economy, or family changes occur such as remarriage, the spouse that receives alimony faces hardships as well- hardships often tied to giving up a career or higher education in order to support the working souse and family. Research demonstrates that today alimony is being set at lower amounts that previously set and being given for a shorter amount of time (Tampa Bay Times, 2019).

In the past few years, it has been suggested that Florida needs to address this issue. The Florida legislature could assemble a task force to study alimony with the ultimate goal of producing a bill that will satisfy both sides of the alimony debate.

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And for more information on the alimony debate in Florida, read the entire Tampa Bay Times Article. 

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