7 Reasons to Use a Lawyer When Getting A Divorce

7 Reasons to Use a Lawyer When Getting A Divorce

Getting a divorce or a “dissolution of marriage”, as it is called in Florida, is never easy. Some people believe that representing themselves in a dissolution of marriage can help them save time, money and frustration, but in fact, this is rarely the case. More often, the reverse is true. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney to represent your best interests can help you avoid unnecessary problems and guide you through an often complicated, emotional and consequential process. Here are 7 compelling reasons to use a lawyer when getting a divorce.


Legal Knowledge & Expert Advice

Having access to expert advice from a divorce attorney familiar with matrimonial law in your state is always in your best interest. For example, states like Florida do not require fault as a ground for divorce. Either spouse can petition for a dissolution of marriage and all one party must do is prove that a marriage exists, that one party has been a resident of the state for the six months preceding the filing, and that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”. It sounds simple, until you understand that while demonstrating fault is not a requirement for a dissolution, it can be considered when it comes to determinations for the distribution of assets, alimony and parental time-sharing, if children are involved. An experienced divorce attorney can provide you with a full and accurate understanding of your legal rights and obligations and protect you from losing your rights if strict court rules aren’t followed.


Objective Guidance During an Emotional Time

Dissolution of marriages can be emotional events that are difficult for spouses and children. Sadness, anger, rage, fear, vindictiveness, and many other emotions can interfere with the absorption and interpretation of important information, sound judgement and rational decision-making. A good divorce lawyer can provide clear-headed, objective advice and support during these trying times, helping you keep your emotions in check, and making decisions based on sound legal and logical rationale. Having an objective supporter in your corner, one who understands the legal implications of all actions, can help you make wise decisions and prevent you from letting your emotions negatively impact your case in any way.


Avoidance of Unnecessary Delays

No one ever desires for dissolutions to drag out longer than necessary. They are typically uncomfortable affairs, even when the parties are amicable and attempting to work collaboratively. Individuals who attempt to navigate filings without legal counsel may find themselves overwhelmed by documentation and other court requirements, resulting in unnecessary delays that prolong proceedings and issuance of a final decree. A good, experienced divorce attorney will always understand this dynamic and take great care to help their client through a dissolution as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Assistance with Paperwork & Filing

See “Avoidance of Unnecessary Delays”, above. It is a fact that dissolutions of marriage require a significant amount of paperwork. Even when utilizing court-supplied documents, paperwork and filing can be burdensome. Errors, omissions and/or incorrect filings can result in delays or worse, having your case thrown out. A good divorce or family law attorney can help you acquire and successfully complete all required paperwork in a timely, accurate manner, preventing potential issues.


Achievement of the Best Possible Outcomes in Consequential Matters

Dissolutions can be complicated. They take place when individuals are not always thinking clearly. And decisions that are made during a dissolution of marriage often have life-long consequences in the areas of division of assets, spousal and child support awards, decisions on parental responsibility, time-sharing schedules, and much more. By hiring a divorce attorney, you are protecting yourself from potential mistakes that could have negative consequences for the rest of your life and ensuring yourself and your family of the best possible outcomes.


Help Securing a Clear, Compulsory Divorce Decree

A divorce decree is a legal document that contains all the essential provisions on issues related to your marriage dissolution including child custody, child support, spousal support, asset and property division, and other critical matters. It is put forth by the court after carefully evaluating all criteria submitted by both parties and making determinations on each issue. It is a legally binding document that must be followed by both parties. An experienced family law attorney or divorce lawyer can help you secure a clear divorce decree, that takes into consideration all your input in a clear, fair, accurate manner.

Stress Reduction

There is no getting around it. Dissolutions are stressful events for all involved. They are only made more challenging by being unprepared, uninformed or unequipped to deal with the legal, administrative and strategic issues involved in navigating them. A caring, knowledgeable, experienced family lawyer or divorce attorney can guide you through the process and remove a great deal of stress and anxiety from your shoulders.



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