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At a time when you most need a strong advocate, Parra Harris Law provides a partner who is experienced, competent and caring on your side. Based in Jacksonville and serving all of Northeast Florida, we help clients who are going through a divorce, annulment or legal separation; are concerned about child support, custody and visitation issues; or are dealing with issues such as asset division, order enforcement, abuse, and other areas of family law. We have a strong track record of success for our clients across the full gamut of family law practice areas and were named one of 2020’s “Best Divorce Lawyers in Jacksonville” by Expertise.

Nuestra firma está dirigida por Paola Parra Harris, quien aporta a sus clientes más de dos décadas de experiencia en divorcios y derecho de familia. Paola y su consumado equipo legal ayudan a parejas e individuos a resolver problemas complejos de divorcio, y se esfuerzan por hacerlo de manera cariñosa y compasiva que hace que sus separaciones y los problemas que los rodean no sean más difíciles de lo que ya son. Sin embargo, puede estar seguro de que nuestra firma siempre pondrá el mejor interés para usted y sus hijos por encima de todo, y luchará para proteger sus derechos y garantizarle un resultado óptimo.

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Misión & Valores

Existimos para ayudar a nuestros clientes a navegar con éxito los asuntos legales delicados y complejos involucrados en todas las áreas del divorcio y el derecho de familia, brindando orientación legal experta, fuerte defensa y compasión mientras representamos sus mejores intereses.



With over 50 years of cumulative experience in the legal field in Jacksonville, we understand that what is at stake is the most important issue in the world of our clients, which is why every member of our team pitches in to work on your case. We have the skill and resources to handle all aspects of your litigation.

Family Law


We are advocates for the welfare of the families we serve. We are committed to giving our clients the attention and dedication they need to succeed through these uncertain times in their lives. Our experience will help guide and support you and your family through the legal process and beyond.

Jacksonville Family Law


Our attorneys are committed to providing the citizens of Jacksonville and surrounding areas with superior legal representation. Our record of successful results and our clients’ testimonials offer proof of our history of providing excellent representation and legal services to our clients.

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