Reasons to Hire a Jacksonville Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys handle family-related issues, represent clients in a divorce, as well as the issues related to divorce including alimony, child custody, and child support. Divorces are not only

Divorce: Getting the Documents in Order

Because divorce is an emotional time, the practical parts of it- the gathering of documents and documentation of events- often falls by the wayside. But there are several things you

Google Maps Catches a Cheating Spouse

A man in Peru did not need to hire a private investigator to confirm that his spouse was cheating- Google Maps did the work for him! To read the article,

Discussing Debt Before Saying “I Do”

It can be awkward to discuss finances while planning a wedding, but it is crucial that these things are addressed. Both of you bring to the marriage your spending habits,

Financial Planning for Second Marriages

Many couples today report that finances, or spending, are a factor contributing to their separation and divorce. Indeed, finances are considered personal when one is single, and many couples report

Is Marriage Harder Today than it was for our Predecessors?

The podcast attached is admittedly long. But it follows the traditions and changes in the institution of marriage throughout the centuries. Once seen as a way for powerful families to

Camp Gratitude: A Weeklong Camping Trip for Military Families Receives Applications from Florida Families

Camp Gratitude provides a camping experience for military families who may otherwise not be able to afford a summer vacation. The camp, currently in Minnesota, is planning to expand to

Getting divorced? New tax law could affect your divorce more than you think.

Focus on Family Dynamics: My In-Laws are Suffocating Me!

Very often family conflict begins with something small, or a small behavior that persists over time. Even very kind and generous behaviors can be annoying if they are unwanted gestures.

Family Time: Getting Back to Nature

It is February in North Florida, and the weather is beautiful: no longer cold, yet still cool before the heat of summer arrives. Now is the perfect time to consider