Camp Gratitude: A Weeklong Camping Trip for Military Families Receives Applications from Florida Families

Camp Gratitude provides a camping experience for military families who may otherwise not be able to afford a summer vacation. The camp, currently in Minnesota, is planning to expand to

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Focus on Family Dynamics: My In-Laws are Suffocating Me!

Very often family conflict begins with something small, or a small behavior that persists over time. Even very kind and generous behaviors can be annoying if they are unwanted gestures.

Family Time: Getting Back to Nature

It is February in North Florida, and the weather is beautiful: no longer cold, yet still cool before the heat of summer arrives. Now is the perfect time to consider

Is January Divorce Month?

It is now February, and the Divorce Month is behind us. More couples file for divorce in January, and specifically the first workday in January, than any other month. While

The Mystery of Marriage

On the night after they got married, Kerry Egan found out her husband and the men in the bridal party were arrested for their conduct at the bachelor party. Initially,

13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

Marriage is a big commitment. Ideally it is a lifelong commitment. Yet couples are often too shy to discuss the issues that really matter in making that commitment. Questions about