Back to School Time: Tips for Divorced or Separated Parents

Back to school time is hectic. Children are not used to early bed-times and mornings after a summer break. Parents need to purchase supplies and adjust to a new routine.

Increasingly, “nesting” is being used as a temporary parenting arrangement during divorce proceedings and sometimes after a divorce is finalized. Nesting is when the children remain in the marital home

Many clients have shared that they feel that their life is on hold as they go through the process of getting divorced. It is often the biggest challenge they have

It is mid-June, and the wedding season is in full swing! In some cases, couples are deciding whether they want to enter into a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement, sometimes

An increasing number of couples are divorcing after the age of 50. Divorcing later in life, or after a lengthy marriage of often more than 30 years is being called

Graduation is an important time in your child’s life. It is also a time of many school events and many family get togethers. This can add stress to a family

For those of you active in social media, you may have been noticing a surprising amount of “Divorce Selfies” popping up on your newsfeeds these days. In these sometimes impromptu

In NPR’s series “Been There”, people who have gone through an experience share their wisdom with others who are currently going through something similar. In the link below, Melissa Smith,

Co-paternidad: trabajo duro, pero vale la pena

Una fotografía viral reciente se abre camino en Internet. En él, se ve a cuatro padres asistiendo a un partido de fútbol, cada uno con una camiseta del equipo con un monograma especial.

¡Es primavera! Lo que significa que los niños están contando los días hasta las vacaciones de verano. Las vacaciones de verano traen días desestructurados y planificación de vacaciones que pueden resultar estresantes para los padres,