How to Deal with False Allegations in a Family Law Case

Going through a divorce is a difficult process, especially if your spouse and/or co-parent makes false accusations against you. Unfortunately, his or her words could be used against you in

Re-framing Your Perspective During Moments When You Are Hurt

I typically meet new clients at a point in their lives of great pain. They are often coming out of prolonged heartache. Sometimes they are seeing me after great effort

Divorce: Getting the Documents in Order

Because divorce is an emotional time, the practical parts of it- the gathering of documents and documentation of events- often falls by the wayside. But there are several things you

A Divorce Attorney Writes About His Observations- And How to Avoid Being in His Office

It is hard to stay together. And it is hard to split apart. Divorce is never easy. And although it happens frequently, and divorce attorneys see it a lot, there

A Rise in Couples Rushing their Divorces is a Consequence of 2017 Tax Reform

Divorce attorneys are seeing a rise in the number of couples trying to finalize their divorces before the new year. Even attorneys who specialize in highly contested divorces find that

As Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to a close, a new report highlights several challenges faced by victims and families touched by violence. The report indicates that although the rate

Disminuye la tasa de divorcio en el condado de Duval

Algo está sucediendo en el condado de Duval. La tasa de divorcios está disminuyendo. Los investigadores apuntan a menos despliegues militares, una economía mejorada y un aumento en la disponibilidad de trabajadores sociales y

¿Qué es un divorcio simplificado?

A veces, las parejas se me acercan para saber si su caso puede ser más rápido y fácil que un divorcio impugnado. Lo que piden es un simplificado

Camp Gratitude: Un viaje de campamento de una semana para familias de militares recibe solicitudes de familias de Florida

Camp Gratitude ofrece una experiencia de campamento para familias de militares que de otra manera no podrían pagar unas vacaciones de verano. El campamento, actualmente en Minnesota, planea expandirse a

¿Cómo afecta la deuda de la tarjeta de crédito a mi divorcio?

¿Cómo afecta la deuda de la tarjeta de crédito a mi divorcio? Es una pregunta que surge una y otra vez. Las parejas que se divorcian tienen mucho que considerar al dividir activos y pasivos.