Four Signs That Divorce Is Coming in the Midst of a Pandemic

Marriage in and of itself is challenging enough when things are going well.  When adding a global pandemic with uncertain futures for some, a lot of issues that were often

Meeting Your Child’s Needs After Divorce

Divorce can be scary, and it can be even more so when there are children involved. During a divorce, it is important to take steps to ensure that you will

How Time-Sharing Works in Florida

Divorce can be complicated, especially if there are children involved. There are many actions that can be taken for the welfare of your child(ren), and the court makes these decisions

Divorce During a Pandemic

The current world pandemic has put stress on all of us. The world was put into lockdown and has kept many of us from living our daily lives “normally.” As

How Does a Military Divorce Work?

While divorce is never easy, military divorces can often be far more difficult for a variety of reasons. For example, with military divorces, there are some additional rules and requirements

Signs That It May Be Time for a Divorce

No two people are the same, so it is inevitable that disagreements and fights will occur in any marriage, including a solid, healthy one. In a healthy relationship, spouses learn

Cómo sobrevivir económicamente después de un divorcio

Divorces don’t just affect people emotionally, but financially too. From child support to alimony, it can be hard to pick yourself up again after a divorce.  Following a divorce, you

How to Create a Parenting Plan 

If you’re going through a divorce where custody of children will be determined by the court, you and your spouse need to create and submit a parenting plan.  A parenting

Razones para contratar a un abogado de derecho familiar en Jacksonville

Los abogados de derecho familiar se encargan de los asuntos relacionados con la familia, representan a los clientes en un divorcio, así como los asuntos relacionados con el divorcio, incluida la pensión alimenticia, la custodia de los hijos y la manutención de los hijos. Los divorcios no son solo

¿Debería considerar un divorcio por su propia cuenta?

El proceso de divorcio puede ser complicado y hay muchos errores que puede cometer si prueba un método de "hágalo usted mismo". Incluso si es amigable con su cónyuge,