It is Spring! Which means that children are counting down the days until summer vacation. Summer vacation brings unstructured days and vacation planning that can be stressful to parents, particularly

As many of you have probably recently experienced, the holidays after divorce can be a very difficult time. You may feel awkward attending gatherings when it seems that everyone else

Parents often struggle when making decisions and doing what is best for their children in their regular daily lives. When parents are going through a divorce, it is even more challenging

5 Tips for Divorcing a High-Conflict Personality A high conflict personality can be challenging to deal with under the best of circumstances. Divorcing someone with a high conflict personality means

Divorce is a time of uncertainty and questions. If you or your spouse (or both) are in the military, divorce can come with even more uncertainties- questions about possible future

Co-Parenting, in which both parents value each other and the important role the other plays in their children’s lives, demonstrated with cooperation and respectful interactions is best when it comes